Inspired Learning

Our team of professionals will deliver a programme of engaging student workshops to specific year groups in secondary schools, helping to raise aspiration levels.

Our Inspired Learning Services


Development of Student's Business Skills

We have brought together a range of business professionals to run 'Business Skills Workshops' to share their knowledge and experience with students at secondary school.

This exciting programme of modular learning will cover Production. Marketing and Sales themes, as students discover how these disciplines impact on normal business life.

Inspired Learning In Schools

The Ed-WISE is working with key partners such as Island Careers Partnership, Island Futures and school career leads and to develop an Inspired Learning programme that could be delivered at all secondary schools and help to raise student aspirations. Through Inspired Learning students are led to think differently about life choices and career opportunities.

This is especially important in reaction to Covid-19 and the likely impact on reduced career opportunities for young people, especially in sectors like hospitality and tourism. The Ed-WISE Inspired Learning programme will bring students into contact with real life people, where they can interact and get to understand all the positives and negatives about a role.

This development builds on the success of Young Enterprise and engages with students at influential life stages at primary and secondary schools. Year 6 in Primary school is identified as being a key stage at which young people start to think about future roles, and so aspirations can be effectively encouraged with interventions at this stage. The Inspired Learning content would focus on delivering a programme of school assemblies and specific year group projects

An innovative careers website for students of all ages

We use our wealth of local business connections, to help to open the eyes of students of both primary and secondary school age to a diverse range of new and emerging career opportunities. Through video, business people will give an insight to students about what their industry is really like – showing the good and the not-so-good.

Students will be asked to filter questions to guide them towards potentially suitable careers. Industry sectors such as creative, construction, digital and renewable energy will be highlighted, as well as more traditional sectors.

Key Strategies For the Careers Website

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Interactivity & Usability

We plan the website to be very interactive and easy to use by students and their parents. We want the users to be engaged and have a clear journey when they're researching different career paths available in the sector that interests them.

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Live Programme Delivery

The second stage of the project will be based on delivering Inspired Learning Live sessions to specific year groups across all Island secondary schools. We hope this will further support the message on the website with real-life stories & experience.

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